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I recently had a chance to take tour of the Children’s Mercy Sports Medicine Center. Children’s Mercy offers one of the nation’s leading premiere sports medicine programs in the KC metro area, located in Blue Valley. The facility is specifically focused on caring for the student-age athlete, with sports rehabilitation services and a team of dedicated sports physical therapists to offer specialized rehabilitation and injury prevention.  As a Mom of a 3 sport athlete it is a relief to know that this facility exist. It is my hope that he never needs it, but if he does get injured, it will be the first place I take him.


I met Dr. Greg Canty, MD who is the Medical Director for Center for Sports Medicine and what an amazing guy who just gets it.  He understands how the needs of a growing athlete are different from the needs of an adult.  In speaking with him, learning that not all ankles and knees are the same, especially when your child may have an open growth plate.  Children’s Mercy Sports Medicine is a great place to go first.  Get evaluated and see what the injury requires.


The facility has everything needed to rehab an injury.  There are 5 full-time PT’s at the Blue Valley clinic and 1 downtown that are fully dedicated to sports.  Along with the superior staff, the equipment is set up so the therapist can watch the athlete perform.  From shooting a basketball, to pitching, to spiking a volleyball or running, they are able to see your child perform their skills and see what needs to be done to get them back in the game.



The Blue Valley Sports Medicine Clinic has wonderful resources specially designed for the student athlete.  Check them out here: Children’s Mercy Sports Medicine Resources


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Children’s Mercy on Twitter

Children’s Mercy on Facebook

My Food Addiction


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Make no mistake about, I am a food addict. Addiction to food is something I’ve been reading a ton about and trying to learn everything I can since I started this weight loss journey.
It is an addiction like any other and maybe more tricky. Unlike alcohol or drug addiction, you have to have food to live. Not to downplay the other addictions, they are real and horrible. People who struggle and conquer them should be applauded. The major difference is once you stop drinking or doing drugs, you don’t have to continue. You do, however have to continue to eat.
It is a daily struggle for me and there are bad days, weeks, even months. Last year I had several bad months in a row. I turned a corner in May and for now have a handle on what is working for me.

My stress always shows in my weight gain. I eat my feelings, good ones, bad ones, exciting ones, I stuff it all in my mouth.
Being aware of when/why I’m eating has helped, but not fixed me. I still struggle.

For instance, last week I lost friend to cancer and I was headed to the gym, but instead ended up at the grocery store with a box of double chocolate muffins. I knew I was upset and food is comfort, so I ate mufffins. Not all of them, but I had them. I didn’t get them because I was craving them, I bought them because I was upset. Realizing this is a huge step in the right direction.

What else helps me:
Not having junk in the house. Seems simple enough, but it’s hard to walk away from the honey butter cornbread when you’re grocery shopping. I know for me, if it is in the house, I am eating it. Not just a slice, but slice after slice until it’s gone and I’ve eaten an extra 700 calories before bed.

Going to the gym. I will tell you that the “you can’t out run a bad diet” stuff is TRUE! For me, it is the mind trick. It is the idea that I just worked my tail off, dripped in sweat, made all my muscles sore. No reason to outdo what I just did with food and by the way, you’ll never get to the stored fat.

I feel a little snide when I post before and current pictures. Part of me thinks maybe they are motivating, but the other part of me thinks it says, this is easy.




Collage 2016-01-17 18_20_59

It is not easy, it does not happen overnight, it is a daily struggle and choice. I choose to be healthy and keep heading toward my goals.
#OneStep #OnePunch

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Lots of questions,  most the same, so here are my answers:


1.) You go to the gym everyday?

At least 5 out of the 7 days a week. If not, I do YouTube yoga or something at home. I don’t go a day without doing something. Not because I think 1 day throws me off, but because it is so easy to just stop. 1 day quickly becomes 3 and before you know it, it’s been 2 weeks and almost impossible to go back.

2.) You don’t have cheat days?

No, it’s called a lifestyle change for a reason. I’ve been cheating myself long enough.

3.) You don’t eat anything good?
If there’s something I want, I eat it. To save myself from overindulgence,  I don’t keep anything tempting in the house. If it’s here,  I will eat it!

4.) No fast food?
Ocasional chick fil a, because yum! But other than that, once you stop, your taste buds change and it just doesn’t taste good.

5.) No alcohol?
I haven’t ever been much of a drinker. If you know me in real life, you know I’m type A,  control freak and being out of control on alcohol doesn’t really go with that.  Also, if I’m going to consume the calories,  I’d rather eat them. An occasional glass of wine, but I can probably count on one hand the times I’ve had one this year.

6.) Aren’t you afraid of looking like a man lifting such heavy weights?
Um, nope. I look like a lot of things, a man isn’t one of them. I think the weight lifting has really toned and tightened my body in a way that cardio just can’t. Also the more muscle you have, the more fat you burn and that’s a win. 5lbs is 5lbs but the way five pounds of fat looks compared to the way five pounds of muscle looks is hugely different.


7.) How do you have time?
I don’t,  I make time. I am just as busy as you are, maybe more. It is a priority for me. Anything you want to do, you find a way – this is no different.

Collage 2015-12-28 20_24_52
Not a question,  but my truth is that I am not starting over again, I’ve done it at least 6 times. I am not going back to the nearly 300 pound unhappy girl who ate all of her feelings. I am on a course to be healthy. Set an example for my children and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

Inside Pediatrics


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I have partnered with Children’s Mercy Hospital and for the next year, I will be sharing everything that the hospital has to offer the  children in our community.
Starting with the Emmy award winning TV series, Inside Pediatrics.  You get an inside look at some extremely brave children and their families and how the team at Children’s Mercy is helping get them well.

I will be live tweeting the show’s premier, so join me on Twitter @neverhomesahm so we can talk about how inspired you are while the episode airs.

Wednesday,  December 16th at 7:00 on KMBC Channel 9.


to learn more about the show and how Children’s Mercy Hospital is providing the best care possible for the children.

Holiday Hair


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For the past month, I’ve been reviewing these beautiful hair accessories for Lilla Rose. My daughter, her friends and I have been trying them to see how we want to dress our hair for the holidays.
I was a little concerned that they would not stay in her thick hair, but they do! Their one of a kind flexi clip is really great and didn’t pull her hair.
I love the story of how they started in a garage and tried a go with big retailers, then realized small business model was best for them. You can buy them via Kelly’s website and if you are local to Kansas City, check out her website for upcoming events where you can buy them in person.These would make a great stocking stuffer for all the women in your life. The collection is unique and beautiful and would be the perfect way to dress your hair for the holidays.
2015-11-16 18.22.52

Per usual,  my review comes with a give away! Kelly is offering:  if any of you sign up to receive Lilla Rose e-mails from me, I’ll enter them into a drawing to win a free clip (anything from the website up to $16 retail value). They can receive another entry for each purchase they make. To sign up for e-mails, just go to click on the purple “Shop Now” button. Then on the next page, click on “Account” in the upper right corner and create an account. That will register you to receive e-mails. (I’ve attached a graphic that you’re welcome to use if you want that shows how to sign up for e-mails.) I’ll do the drawing on December 1.

Also, all new Lilla Rose customers can take advantage of my Buy-3-Get-1-Free special. Just purchase 3 items online before the end of November and once I see the order has been completed, I’ll contact the customer to find out which additional item (anything from the website up to $16 retail value) they would like for free.



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It’s my birthday month! Yes, I celebrate the whole month. Blame my Mother, it’s a learned behavior.  Anyway, that means I am giving myself 1 year (and 25 days) to get my stomach flat before I turn 40!


Having 3 babies does this to your stomach each time. If that wasn’t enough to stretch it way out of shape, being close to 300 pounds does this to your stomach.

1st Day with Trainer Kelli

As you know, I’ve been on this fitness journey for a few years and have recently kicked it into high gear. I’ve achieved most of the goals I’ve set, so this #FlatBy40 is just the latest goal on my journey.


I hear a lot of wonderful things about 40 & I’m excited to see what a new decade will bring.  I’ve started studying how my body reacts to certain foods and really trying to nail down what works for me and how to ditch the mommy pooch.

I’m sure there will be blogs as I figure out what works and whatever set backs I’m sure I will have. I’ve been taking weekly pictures and hopefully at the end of this, I will have a progression of pics to share.
If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you will start to see the hash tag #FlatBy40 and you can search it and follow along with my progress. If you are thinking about joining me, use the hashtag, so I can see your pictures.

Here’s where I’m starting:
IMG_20151021_210547And to be perfectly honest,  if this pooch never goes away, it will serve as a reminder of the 3 babies I was blessed to carry and a reminder to not let myself get anywhere near that unhealthy 300 pounds.





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All of my children are in school for the first time in 16 years, so this stay at home mom headed back to work full time. The new routine has been an adjustment. Even with all my meal planning and packing lunches at night and laying clothes out, I hadn’t found a way to eat breakfast. As part of my health and fitness journey, breakfast is really important and I just hadn’t found a way to get it in, without waking at 5 am. I was excited to review Atkins first non-weightloss product. It’s Called Atkins Harvest Trail Bars and they are, low carb, low sugar and there are great flavors. The bars’ first ingredient is nuts and they contain NO artificial colors, flavors,preservatives or sugar alcohols. So far, Dark Chocolate Peanut is my favorite. Other flavors include: Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, Vanilla Fruit & Nut and Dark Chocolate Cherry.

Instead of skipping breakfast, I put these in my desk. It is not a meal replacement, but it is a great alternative to not eating or some of the other “diet bars” that have a lots of sugar and carbs.


My new job is at a school and let me tell you, the teachers lounge is a wonderful place…filled with treats!
I am determined to stay on track with my goals and avoid the treat trap in the teachers lounge.
They are available in stores now and are a great snack option if you are needing something low sugar with fiber and protein. They are simple, delicious  bars that are keeping me on track on this weightloss journey.





*Disclosure: I was given the bars to review and compensated for this post. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. NO ONE tells me what to say!*

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Fall is here and what better time to ditch a few things. Here is my list of things to throw away. No really, toss them!

1. That stained crusty plastic container that you lost the lid to years ago.

2. The expired $5 bed,bath and beyond coupon. I mean, when’s the last time you shopped there? If you shop there all the time, the coupons are in your email.

3. The fondue set, cotton candy maker or any other novelty food maker that you thought you’d use all the time.

4. Extra cocktail shaker

5. Boardgames/puzzles with missing pieces. They are gone, you will have to replace the game.

6. Single socks. I don’t know where they go, but there is no reason to keep them.

7. Old text books. Um, you graduated 20 years ago. Your kids won’t need it, it’s all online.

8. Empty box from the cell phone you had 5 years ago.

9. VCR – don’t try to justify it.

10. Novelty sunglasses that have “beach party 2000″ on them. Not saying I have those, but just in case you do.

11. The pile of wine corks that you were going to do a cool pinterest project with.

12. Old invitations. That party was 3 months ago.

13. Hard copies of bills that you’ve paid online. In fact, go paperless.

14. Old coffee mugs that are stained and sit in your caninets. No one uses them, they are gross.

15. Maternity clothes, your kids are in college.

16. Old exercise equipment. No, you aren’t going to use it. I know this because there is an ab roller and a pull up bar I’m looking at as I type.

17. Really high, uncomfortable heels. You mostly wear yoga pants these days, so make some room in your closet.

18. Broken furniture

19. Kitchen sponge/dish rag, it’s nasty- Get a new one.

20. That really great lipstick that you thought you were so trendy in- I’m pretty sure it’s expired by now.

21. Old remote controls. Seriously, you don’t even own that TV anymore.


Single…and fat?


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Yeah, that’s not a thing. I just can not be single and fat.
I will admit that it took a little heart break to get me to really kick it into highgear, but guess what? You can actually eat well, work out and take care of yourself at any time! You don’t have to wait until you experience a life altering change, like divorce or sickness to make changes toward better health.

This is truly a lifestyle change and sometimes those changes take years. Those years can have setbacks and victories. It is all part of the process and you have to know when you are doing your best and when you are making excuses. Your body is going to keep an accurate account of what you’re eating and how much you’re working out- no matter what your fitbit and food tracker app says.

As much as I’d like to think, I’ve conquered this, I realize that I have always eaten my stress. Recognizing when I am mindlessly stress eating is a huge step. Realizing it and not letting a little stress eating, turn into a weeks worth of bad food choices and not moving is another step in the right direction.


Oh, and there’s this guy- we ADORE him! Yes, he’s a trainer, but he is so much more. When the single Mom thing is kicking my butt, he reminds me that I am strong. When I’ve skipped a few days, he reminds me to get to the gym and get it done. Even when I’ve skipped 3months, he smiles, hugs me as I walk in and makes me sweat!! When I want to stop, he tells me if I can keep breathing, I can keep going. He believes in my crazy dreams and is getting me fit to build my empire. I. ADORE.HIM.

I also remind myself daily that I don’t want to be single and fat!


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1. Label everything. Your child will not be the only one with a super hero backpack, so make sure first and last names are on all items. Using a Brother PTouch label maker, makes it super easy!


2. Buy something from the teachers wishlist.

3. Tell the teacher (and your child) how they are getting home. Walk, bus, car rider..etc. Make sure the contact numbers are up to date in the office.

4. Practice opening milk/juice cartons.

5. Learn how to tie shoes or get shoes with velcro. Practice zipping jackets too.

6. Send a water bottle. Unless it’s over 100 degrees, there will be outside recess. It’s easier for each child to have a water bottle, then to send 25 kids to the water fountain all day.

7. Read and practice math facts.

8. Do a trial run to see how long Iit takes, but factor in the traffic.

9. Make sure all medications are in the nurses office and the nurse has a release to dispense to your child.

10. Prepare some easy/quick breakfast options.