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College football season is here and with the KU Campus so close to Kansas City, you can catch a great football game and spend some time with the family in Downtown Lawrence.  With tons of one of a kind restaurants and shopping, downtown is just the place to spend a fun day and eat some great food, before you head to the KU football game!

Football vs. Northern Colorado

There is a family atmosphere at all games, where you can tailgate and for the little Jayhawk fans, there’s more than just football! KU Football offers a Junior Jayhawk Kids Club (13 and under) for their smallest fans, with lots of Jayhawk heart!  The membership comes with lots of benefits:

  • T-shirt or Baby Bib
  • Membership Card and Adidas Lanyard (used for access to free tickets)
  • Birthday Card from Big and Baby Jay
  • Jayhawk Coin Pouch
  • FREE Admission to 2 Football games (9/6 vs. SE Missouri St., 9/20 vs. Central Michigan).
  • FREE Admission to 1 Men’s Basketball game. Game will be decided in late Oct./early Nov. *
  • FREE Admission to: All home Women’s Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Baseball, and Softball games.
  • E-mails about special ticket promotions and events exclusively for club members and their parents/guardians only

Football vs. Iowa State

To register your Junior Jayhawk Fan click here: Membership

Having children that are not close in age, makes it difficult to find family activities that we all want to do.  The 4-year-old will have plenty of fun at the pre-game kids club activities, Spring Football Gamethe 9-year-old girl can’t wait to see the cheerleaders and the 15-year-old boy is ready for some football! We can’t wait to catch a game and spend the day in Lawrence.

To see the Jayhawk Football schedule and buy tickets: KU Football

Football vs. Northern Colorado


Want to join me at a game??? I’m giving away:

o   A single game family 4-pack of tickets

o   One $50 gift card to Downtown Lawrence

o   One Junior Jayhawk Kids Club membership

For your chance to win, visit my Facebook Page: Give Away



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It’s August and other than the back to school pics, your timelines might be full of breast-feeding Moms who are promoting the health benefits of breastfeeding. Every expert will tell you that breastfeeding is best for your child, but no one tells you that sometimes it’s hard.  It’s hard because it’s painful at first, because you don’t know if you are producing enough milk, since you can’t see the ounces they are drinking and you think your child may be starving!

Sometimes it’s easier to pump, so you can see the ounces, so you can share the feeding experience or you can go back to work.  I nursed 3 children and tried almost every type of pump from the hand pump to the giant machine at the hospital.  I decided to go with the Evenflo brand and they now have the  Evenflo® Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump.  It offers so many benefits including:

  • PerfectPosition™ offers slouch-free pumping comfort
  • AdvancedFit™ Flange System gives mom three sizes for perfect fit
  • AdvancedControl™ with 32 settings allows mom to find perfect speed and suction
  • PerfectlyPure™ closed-system design prevents milk backup and keeps milk as pure as nature intended
  • Includes educational programming, a $60 value, access to a priceless resource for success
  • Deluxe version includes: premium shoulder bag, ice packs, 4 milk storage bottles, thermal cooler, extra membranes
  • Deluxe Plus version includes the shoulder bag, ice packs, 6 milk storage bottles, thermal cooler, plus a Manual Pump adapter.  


As an added bonus, moms who purchase the new Evenflo Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump will also receive free access to International Board Certified Lactation Consultant Shari Criso’s full length, online educational programs ($60 value) – “Simply Breastfeeding”™ and “Breast Pumps and Briefcases™.”  Rich with information and guidance from Criso’s 20+ years working one-on-one with breastfeeding moms, both programs address topics most relevant to nursing moms, and those planning to pump. Additional tools, such as video instructions for pump use can also be found on the newly launched Evenflo Feeding

Never Home Stay at Home Mom via Mikita Burton is giving away a pump! For your chance to win, visit: Facebook Page: Never Home Stay at Home Mom

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Oh how I wish this phone case would have come 2 weeks earlier! If you are a regular reader of mine, you know how busy my life with 3 kids is.

image (23)

My phone goes everywhere with me and captures all of our moments. I recently heard about the Catalyst phone case and it is perfect for my life. It is a hard, slim shell, water proof, works with my touch screen and even covers the camera part. I’ve been using the case for 3 weeks and have dropped it (more times than I like to admit) and my phone is in good shape! Even when my kids had a water balloon fight, I was able to snap pictures and not worry about the phone getting wet.  Mine is a pretty blue, but they have black, pink and other styles for iphone as well as water proof tablet cases, perfect for the beach or pool.

You can see all the products, colors and buy a case for yourself at Catalyst Lifestyle

image (22)

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The school year is quickly approaching and I seen tons of blogs about saving money, supplies and lunches.  Let me give you some real Mom back to school tips that you can use and the teachers will thank you for!

1. Practice opening milk cartons. No one tells you that the milk and juice still come in those paper cartons and that your child will need to open it by themselves and it’s hard to do! Get some from the store and start practicing how to open them.


2. My children don’t wear uniforms, but there is a dress code in place.  Go through summer clothes and put away the ones they can’t wear to school.  Most dress codes don’t allow for spaghetti strap tanks, short shorts or flip-flops! I’ve gotten a phone call or 2 because my daughter had flip-flops on for P.E. day.

3. Practice zipping jackets.  It’s something most Moms don’t even think about, because you have a couple of children and when it’s time for a jacket, you just zip it and keep moving.  Teachers have 25 or more kids and if none of them can zip their jackets, they will spend an entire recess trying to get ready to go outside.  Add tying tennis shoes to that list as well.  If your children aren’t even close to learning, no-tie shoes are best for school and work on the tying while not at school.  Your child’s teacher will thank you!


4. Pre-sharpened pencils. They are worth every penny! Trust me, you will scream if you have to sharpen 20 pencils by hand before school starts. pencils

5. Pictures: I am admittedly a “Moma-ratzi” I take pictures all the time, of all the kids, of everything they do! Instead of doing a ton of pictures the first day of school, when nerves are on edge, do them on a practice run.  Back to school night, supply drop off or registration.  You can even get a shot of the teacher then too, when they aren’t trying to calm nervous kids and get the day started.  Need some fun pic ideas? You can find a bunch here:Back to School Pinterest Board

Just a few tips to help get the school year off to a good start. Do you have more tips? I’d love to hear them!

Happy Back to School!


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Do you believe everything you’ve heard about skin care over the years? Let’s do a little separating fact from fiction with the top 10 things you need to know about caring for your skin.

1. Hot water opens pores? Skin’s openings neither change in size nor operate like train doors, in reality, hot water loosens hardened dirt, oil and makeup within pores, allowing for better cleansing. You should still watch the temperature, washing your face with too-hot water can strip the skin of natural oils and possibly lead to irritation and dryness.

2. Facials are a key part of a good skin care regimen.  Luckily for your budget, this particular treatment isn’t necessary. Facials are relaxing, but they won’t change skin’s structure and function in the short-term or long-term.   While the intense moisturizer may make skin shinier for a day or two afterward, the post-facial glow may be fleeting.

3. Greasy foods and chocolate cause breakouts.  Pizza and candy bars aren’t good for your health—or your waistline—but are they the acne-causing culprits they’re rumored to be? Studies have proven that neither type of food is responsible for breakouts. The false association may exist because stress hormones lead to zits—and they’re the same things that may lead you to the nearest cookie jar. That’s not to say acne and diet are unrelated, your skin grows from the inside out.

4. Your skin will age just like your Mother’s. Your mother’s wrinkle-free, so that means your skin will be just like hers.  Even though genetics play a big part in the aging process, external factors, like sun exposure, facial expressions, smoking, pollution and diet, all affect how skin looks over time. Good genes aren’t a free pass to flawless skin.

5. SPF 30 provides double the sun protection of SPF 15?  SPF stands for sun protection factor, and the SPF number relates to the amount of time it would take the skin to burn. In other words, SPF 15 means sunbathers can bask 15 times longer without getting sunburn than they would without sunscreen. Higher SPF numbers prevent a greater percentage of rays from reaching skin, but the differences between 15, 30 and 45 are smaller than you’d think. For instance, SPF 15 blocks about 93% of the sun’s rays, while SPF 30 blocks 97% and SPF 45 blocks 98%. So doubling the number doesn’t double your skin’s protection, especially since the average person doesn’t apply as much as she should—1 tsp for your face and 1 oz for the uncovered areas of your body, re-applied every two hours. Always use sunscreen with broad-spectrum protection, which blocks UVB and UVA rays, as sun is the biggest factor in how your skin ages.

6. Makeup with built-in SPF is as effective as sunscreen?  As convenient as sunscreen-infused products are, relying on them for sun protection is a big no-no.  Due to makeup’s thickness and how it binds to the skin, it would take almost 14 times the normal amount of powder used and seven times the normal amount of foundation used to get the desired amount of SPF.

7. Use separate day and night creams?  Although evening is prime time for your skin’s repairing process, what’s best for your skin type is more important than whether a cream is marketed for use at a certain time of day. Have dry skin or eczema? Try a cream containing pep-tides or Vitamin C antioxidants and use it day and night. If you use anti-aging products, apply those at night, since retinol—their key ingredient—is sensitive to sunlight. Have oily skin? Too much moisturizer can clog pores and result in acne.

8. Buy skin care products labeled as containing only natural ingredients?  Thanks to clever marketing, anything “natural” is assumed to be better for you. But there’s no evidence that natural products are more effective or safer. In addition to there being no regulation on what’s labeled natural, while naturally occurring ingredients aren’t synthetically produced, they still can cause allergic reactions and be harmful.  Find the right product for your specific skin issues with the help of your dermatologist or cosmetologist —whether or not the ingredients are all natural.

9. Scrub your face frequently to nix zits?  Sorry, but harsh scrubbing doesn’t keep pimples at bay. Oil overproduction, dead skin cells and bacterial growth cause acne. Excessive scrubbing dries out skin, which prompts extra oil production and more breakouts. Once-a-week exfoliation is more than enough. If skipping exfoliation altogether, since it may spread bacteria to the rest of your face. For sudden breakouts, topical medications and gentle cleansing are your best bets.

10. Some Tanning Booths are Safe?  There are myths still out there regarding tanning booths. While most people are aware at this point that tanning booths aren’t completely and entirely safe, some people still believe that booths are safe as long as they don’t have UVB rays. Some tanning booth locations tell people they filter the ‘bad’ rays or sunburn rays, which are the UVB rays. No matter what kind of tanning bed you are in though, will expose skin to UVA rays, which go even further into your skin and can cause severe damage. This can cause skin cancer and premature aging as well, so all tanning booths are dangerous, no matter what they claim. Just because these rays are not the ones that typically cause a surface skin sunburn does not mean that they are not damaging.

If you want to know what you should use specific for your skin, see a dermatologist or a licensed cosmologist and talk about a specific skin care regiment for your skin needs.  I am starting a new skin care regiment from Avon and I will be back to show you before and eventually the after – hopefully with fewer lines & wrinkles.

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Some days just plain suck. There’s no getting around them, no way to prepare for them, they suck. Yesterday was one of those days for me. I am not much of a public complainer, in fact, people who whine and complain drive me insane and I try to avoid them. I won’t go into the details of why my day was bad, just know that it truly was.
So, now what? This is the part that I don’t get about whiners – yes, it’s awful, really awful, no one should have to deal with the crap you do; but you do, so suck it up buttercup!

I asked a friend, “so what if it doesn’t work, what will happen?” The reply I got, “it will be fine, the earth will continue to rotate on its axis and I will go to work on Monday.” What I took from that, is that the world won’t stop for my broken heart (yes, that’s a Reba McIntyre song) , it won’t stop if I get evicted, it won’t stop if my lights get turned off and (eventually) everything will be fine.

It takes just as much energy to complain via Facebook & Twitter (don’t even get me started) as it does to think through and solve your own freaking problem. I mean, seriously, do you think your Facebook “friends” are going to say, “Let me pay your gas bill” or “Let me come fix your broken car” or “You seem exhausted, I’ll watch your children” Um, doubtful. So, what do you do? Suck it up, buttercup.

Your life may just suck right now and it may take some time to work through the issues, but it can be done. Maybe you’ve forgotten how smart you are or how far you’ve come. Let me remind you: YOU and YOU alone are strong, you are more than capable to handle your problems, solve them, pay your bills and live the life you dream of.
Let me also remind you that, pinning dream houses on Pinterest, won’t actually get you the house.

Suck it up Buttercup!

Suck it up Buttercup!

Sure, take a moment to be sad/upset, but don’t live there. Have your moment and (you could guess what I’m about to say)
Suck it up Buttercup!

i Bandz to Remember


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Last year, my son’s Freshman Mentor, team mate and friend tragically passed away.  His name was Andre and he was wonderful.  A 17 year old kid, with a heart of gold, a full ride scholarship to play football and the grades to match.  He was everything you want your kids to grow up to be.  After scoring a touch down, he collapsed on the sideline and suffered a stroke. There aren’t any words that can explain this or how traumatizing it was for the entire community.  He is missed every single day. As kids do these days, they use twitter to express themselves and create their own hashtags.  Andre’s hashtag was MiB – which means “make it big”. He was preparing himself to Make it Big in college.


When I was asked to do review the i Bandz, a personalized wristbands, I immediately thought of Andre and his MiB.  i Bandz are not just the regular printed on silicone band, they have movable letters! Because you create your own, you can create fun bands and have a unique band that no one else will have.  You can get your daughter and friends a fun 1D (one direction) band, raise awareness for your own personal cause or remember someone you love.  My son, now wears his MIB band everyday to remind himself of his friend and to Make it Big for him.

image (21) image (20)

Get social with iBandz:

Facebook: iBandz Personalized Wristbands

Instagram: @ibandzrock

Twitter: @ibandzrock



Ice Chest Challenge


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Schlitterbahn loves for families to come play and save some money!! You can save by bringing your own ice crest to the park! Being able to park for free as well and bring your own food and drinks is perfect for the whole family.

Packing an ice chest with our own food and drink, mean we can spend more times on the slides and rides and less time standing in line for food.  With Schlitterbahn is the ticket price is the end of it – no extra charges through the park! You can bring in an ice chest full of food and drink and parking is free.

There’s a huge variety of rides and plenty of room for you to set up your own picnic. Schitterbahn has issued an Ice Chest Challenge to Moms! The water park is one of the few summer fun places that you can bring a cooler full of your favorite food!

Mix up a regular sandwich with:


Romaine Lettuce




Mayo w/ Olive Oil

You have the perfect cooler friendly sandwich.  The croissant holds up a little better than traditional bread, so it doesn’t get soggy before lunch.

image (18)image (19)


If you happen to be visiting the park in Kansas City, Kansas, you will soon be able to ride the world’s tallest water slide! It will soon open and be the official world record holder for the tallest slide! I’m not sure my kiddos will brave that, but there are plenty of milder rides for them.


Take an ice chest full of your favorite food and drinks and have some summer fun!

July 4th Fun


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The hardest part of July 4th is waiting until dark for the fireworks to start! Keep busy with some fun Patriotic crafts.

Denim Wreath:

image (16)What you need: Styrofoam circle, old jeans, hot glue gun and pinwheels. Cut jeans into small enough strips that you can easily wrap around circle. Try to place the seams of the jeans on the outside. Wrap and secure with glue until circle is covered.  Remove the sticks from the pinwheels and glue for added decoration.


Want a T-shirt that doesn’t look like everyone else’s $5.00 4th of July shirt? Make your own.

image (17) What you need: White tee, blue & red puff paint and a hand. Cover yours or your child’s hand with blue puff paint and press down on the right side of tshirt to represent stars (wash paint immediately to prevent stains). Free hand red stripes, I did enough to get to the bottom of the hand print, so depending on how big or small the hand, you can eye ball it. Add the year or child’s name if you want to keep them year after year.


Need more ideas? Check out my Pinterest board that’s full of ideas: Fourth of July Ideas

Thank you to our Men & Women in the Armed Forces that keep us safe and free.

Brushing on the Go


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My very busy day usually starts at 5:30 am with the usual getting ready, getting my kids ready and trying to get everyone out the door on time. I don’t get back home until after 3 and by then, I’ve had 2 meals and a couple of snacks. These are usually in car or on the go meals. I always keep mints for after meals, but nothing beats being able to brush your teeth. I work really hard to take care of my teeth and now there’s a disposable toothbrush that helps me on the go.

17 Pounds & Counting!

Speedy Brush is an individual wrapped, disposable, pre-pasted toothbrush.  You unwrap, wet, brush and toss! Now, I still get to take care of my smile while on the go!

speedybrush    backbrush


To learn more, visit: Mobile Fresh



*Disclosure: I was given the Mobile Fresh Speedy Brush to try.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.