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I am excited to be a brand ambassador for Lillian Eve polish. Not because I get (free) amazing polish, but because I admire founder, Tiffany.
She is a Mom, just like me and had a dream to be able to stay home with her children and still pay the bills doing something she loves!

Her story of starting this company on a shoe string budget, hand making all polish and accomplishing some Incredible brand milestones in just a year, inspires me to keep pursuing my dreams.

About the polish:
Lillian Eve was born from a simple love of color and a desire for that color to have as little impact on our health as possible. All artisan nail polishes are vibrant colors formulated to last without harmful toxins (5-free), animal by-products, or animal testing.


The spring collection is beautiful and she’s giving you a chance to win it! Click on the raffle copter link to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Enter the give away!

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After talking to a few Mom friends at the gym and looking through the receipts over the last couple of weeks, I realized how much we go through a drive through.
I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve spent well over $100 on fast food in the past month. I really had no idea it was that much, until I totaled it up. A quick stop after school for a cheeseburger, a quick dinner after working late, picking up something for the oldest after a game, it just all starts to add up.
I asked my kids and they are in!

The Rules:
NO Drive-thru at all. Which includes Starbucks for me.

NO snacks at QuikTrip

There will be “take out” pizza once this month. We rarely eat out at at restaurant (because eating with a 4 year old is zero fun). If that happens, it’s not a deal breaker.

This will likely be more of challenge for me, as I will need to think ahead and prepare meals and snacks.

The Prize: $$$$100.00$$$$$$ for each kid! It’s not because I have an extra $300 laying around, but the money saved will be close to that amount. It’s also a huge incentive and nothing motivates like cash!

Wish us luck, let me know of you’re joining us and send me quick easy meals-please!!

Hello Spring!


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It’s been a long winter, but spring is finally here and here are 5 simple ways to say Hello Spring!

1. Pink Polish. Nothing looks more like spring than a fresh coat of pink paint.

Velvet Creme from Wet-N-Wild

Velvet Creme from Wet-N-Wild

2. Get outside. I’m sure you have a favorite neighborhood park, but drive to one of the cities big parks for a fresh experience. If you’re in Kansas City, try Loose Park, Shawnee Mission Park or Antioch Park. Don’t forget bread to feed the ducks.

3. Visit the Nelson museum (or the museum in your city). Pack a lunch and eat on the lawn in front of the shuttlecocks.

4. Super Size your out-door games. This is an easy way to take tic tac toe outside. Shower curtain or plastic table cover, duct tape and frisbees. Fold plastic into a sauare, duct tape a tic tac toe board and grab the drivers to see if you can land them!

Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe

5. Take a nature walk. This is an ideal regime to hit a trail. The weather is still cool enough to not break a sweat. Things are not in full bloom yet, so if allergies are an issue, you are pretty safe for the next few weeks.

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Well, okay that blog title may be an exaggeration. It’s more like I reconnected with someone via twitter.

We actually first met, more than 20 years ago. I was 17 and a mutual friend introduced us at a volleyball game. This is all according to him, I was wasn’t playing because I was hurt, I don’t remember at all, but that sounds about right.

We dated for a while, I loved him, thought I would marry him and then he joined the Marines. He left for boot camp and I remember crying for weeks that he was gone. I remember writing him and being horrible at keeping in touch and doing the long distant thing.
I don’t remember our breakup in detail, but I remember him being stationed in Japan and me thinking that I shouldn’t just sit in Kansas and pine away for him. I thought I should date other people, travel, go to college, figure out a career & experience life. We broke up and I did all of the things I thought I should be doing & we stayed friends.
We would chat occasionally, lose touch and find each other again. We both got married and did life.

Enter the magic of facebook and the ability to now keep up with everyone all the time. We stayed in touch, we both had babies, we worked and kept doing life. As things go, kids grow, marriages end and you continue to do life, checking in on each other along the way.

Cut to last year, we reminisced about an old song and memories of my old house where he would pick me up. He (like everyone else) had no idea that my marriage was over.
We decided to meet for coffee to catch up and talked for a couple hours before real life called and it was time to pick up kids from school.
Later that week, he was tweeting (about not sleeping) and since I don’t sleep much, I replied to his tweet. Those 140 characters changed everything. I suddenly remembered how smart he was and that he could keep up with my sarcastic mouth. The tweets moved to direct messages and eventually to text. I realized he is not intimidated by me, he could careless that I’m on TV and he understands the crazy life of being a single parent of 3 (he has 3 as well).

Reconnecting is amazing. It’s one of those completely unexpected (wonderful) things that has taken both of us by surprise.

When I broke up with him as a teenager, I thought, who meets the love of their life at 17. Surely, there is more. I was right and I was so wrong.

To be continued…





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My year has been so wonderfully busy  that my healthy eating and fitness have taken a backseat. Time for a reset.

I’m calling it a reset because it’s not a diet, it is everyday choices. One of the biggest lessons I learned during my initial weight loss, was to stop the snowball effect. To not let one bad day of eating turn into a week or let one week of not working out to turn into a month. You will have those days and weeks, but you stop the snowball and reset.

The first thing this reset includes is water. Lots of it! Being so busy, I drank more coffee and not nearly enough water. Mild dehydration can mimic hunger. I will start with a glass of my “fat flush” water: 1 sliced grapefruit & 1 sliced lemon (add a mint leaf if you like). I put it in a pitcher, so I can just pour from it.

2 glasses before lunch& dinner and as much as I can drink through the day. I still drink coffee everyday, no one wants to know me without caffeine!

I have just started taking SlimQuick Pure Gummies. They taste really great and are stimulant free. They are made with bio green tea and so far my energy is really up! So much more than the quick/short lived boost from my coffee. They are shown to help you lose 3x’s more weight. You can try them with a $5 off coupon, visit

2015-02-13 16.49.10

Another huge no is skipping breakfast. I’ve been drinking my coffee and calling it breakfast. Not eating until 11 or so is bad. So, breakfast choices will be oatmeal,eggs,smoothie,fruit/yogurt, toast or a breakfast bar if I’m busy.

I have a new FitBit that’s been sitting in the box since before Christmas, so time to get it out and track my activity. If you have one, search for me (Mikita Burton) and add me, we can track together!

I am usually pretty on track for lunch. Small salad and a turkey sandwhich on a bagel thin or pita bread is my go to. When I’m on track, I have fruit and veggies/humus with it. BUT- This past month, I’ve discovered a love for sweet/spicy Doritos (thanks to my teen boy). They are addicting and officially banned from the house.

Dinner, I start with a vegetable. Other than that, I haven’t been doing anything else right. Lots of fast food for those busy nights. Back to meal planning I go. I know the nights we will get home late because of games, working, gym and school activities. Those nights will require some advanced planning or pre-prepped meals. There are tons of crockpot recipie a, easy 1 pot meal and meals you prep ahead and just put in the oven. If you follow me on Pinterest you will see an influx of healthy meal pins.

I will keep you posted on my reset! Let me know if you are joining me. 114 days til summer!

You Are Why


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The month of February has been an amazing whirlwind of events all to raise awareness for Heart Disease, which remains the number 1 killer of women. In fact, it kills more women than all cancers combined. 

 This month kicked off with a bang, in the form of a Kansas City Star article and Billboard!!! I shared my story of weightloss and how important it is to know your blood pressure numbers. A huge thank you to the Kansas City American Heart Association for featuring me on billboards in the city, it’s been a true honor.


It was then time for the Red Dress Dash! A fun dash in red and the annual free event to help spread the word and raise money! Most everyone was in a red dress (including some guys)!


After the dash, I packed my bags and headed for New York for the Woman’s Day Magazine Red Dress Awards – red carpet and all!


The night was filled of catching up with friends

making new friends (like Andy Cohen from Bravo) 

and amazing performances from music ledgend Elvis Costello.

Most importantly, celebrating women who are making tremendous strides in fighting heart disease

Maybe the story that stuck with me the most at the awards, was of the woman who had a heart attack at a young age. After sharing her story of recovery and survival, she called on all the women in the audience to take time for themselves. To reduce stress and realize how important it is to take care of themselves, so they can take care of everything else. As a Mom, I think we all know what it is to put ourself on the back burner. As much as I am guilty of that, I am realizing how important my health (mental and physical) is not only for me, but for my family.

With that in mind, I have made yoga an everyday part of my life. Not a long, strenuous workout, but a short 10-15minutes in the morning or evening. YouTube has been a great place to find quick workouts. It is not the only thing you can do or the only factor in prevention, but it is my small step to taking better care of myself.


hile in New York, we stayed at a wonderful hotel ( The Row NYC) that has great views of time square.


We walked (and walked more) in Time Square.  I don’t think I you can get much more tourist like than a horse and carriage in Central Park or ice skating at Rockefeller Center.

It was such a great time and I was able to relax and take a little break from the my 3 loves. There is definitely something to be said for small vacations and reducing stress. 

 Back in KC, I volunteered for the annual Heart & Stroke Ball. Silent auction, dinner, inspiring stories of survival and dancing! 


I couldn’t be more proud to be a Go Red for Women Ambassador and to be living in a city that does such for the cause. To learn your risk factors or see how you can get involved, visit The American Heart Association

 Take a second to learn more, because #LifeisWhy and #YouAreWhy 

Love, again.


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The outpouring of encouragement from family, friends, Instagram followers and complete strangers has been amazing! It seems once most people find out about my divorce, they offer advice. To my surprise, almost all of the advice and words of comfort end with a story of how they found love, again.
After such pain that a divorce brings, it gives me hope to hear such wonderful stories of new love.

Finding love, again, will be a feat. There isn’t a lot of time for dating. The single Mom thing is no joke. Seriously. For real. In a 24 hour period, there is the following: breakfast, school for 2, home with 1, lunch, occasional TV appearance, work (before 2:30pm). School pick up, basketball practice pick up (maybe a team dinner or game), volleyball practice, dinner, a work out if I can manage to fit it in, homework, baths, bedtime routine (we all know takes a while). Which brings us to the weekends that include tournaments, volleyball games, working a second job, birthday parties and I’m sure there’s more I’m leaving out. Yes, there are visits from Dad, but not more than a few hours at a time and never overnight, so it is basically all me and some help from my wonderful parents. That list is not a complaint, because I wouldn’t trade the fleeting time with my kids for anything in the world (a night or two off would be fantastic)!

Anyway, my point is that a new love would have to understand that I am crazy busy. Busier than a “regular person because I run my own business. Crazier than most because I think I can have it all. Along with understanding that my children come first. Always have (which I am sure contributed to the end of my marriage) and they always will. I know, some will tell me that there are flaws in my plan, but I don’t care. My kids first, I’m not changing that.
He will also have to be okay with me blogging about him (us). I mean, I write about teeth whitening and Legoland, so believe me, I’m going to want to blog all about a new love!

I recently read an article that included 18 things to look for in a boyfriend for an alpha female. It pretty much summed up the guy I’m looking for, other than the fact that I’m almost 40 and I think I’m too old for a “boyfriend” (which is a blog for a future date). It got my wheels spinning and thinking that maybe such a man exists.

Love, again. Just may be a real thing.
(I really hope so).


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It. Is. Done. The holiday season is officially behind me and the first as a divorced Mom of 3.
Let’s start with Thanksgiving. The simple truth is that it was different. For 11 years, I was married to a chef, so I was usually in charge table scapes, decorating and cleaning for our guest. Now, I was in charge of the same, but added cooking to that. Ha! Luckily, my Dad made the turkey and my Mom her wonderful dressing and Mac & cheese, which only left me with a few sides and a ham. That, I could do, so cook I did. Never-mind that I was cleaning collard greens on my birthday (which was the least fun thing ever), but all the food turned out great.
My family and friends and truly wonderful and I think with all the fun games and people, the kids didn’t really notice anything was that different.

The next day, we put up the tree and that was a little yucky (no other appropriate word). Lots of questions of why Dad wasn’t coming to help with the lights and to decorate. I could only tell them the truth, which was he just wasn’t. The normal ornament breaking, fighting over space and reminiscing about how little they were in the baby’s first ornaments. The only thing that made me want to cry was packing away his personalized chef ornament to give to him for his own tree and not putting up our anniversary ornament. Not sure what I do with that now…

As the days to Christmas neared, we talked and debated a lot about if we should try to make Christmas as “normal” as possible or deal with our reality. I’m not sure either would be the right choice. The thought of time sharing my children on Christmas made so sad. In fact, typing those words makes my eyes water.
We talked about lists and who would buy what. We realized that we both had a pretty good amount of things for the kids, so it was decided that they would open gifts with me at home (like so many times before) and that he would not join us. We would then head to my parents house (like every year before) and have breakfast. He would then pick them up and take them to his house to open their gifts there. By some amazing Mom feat, I had convinced the children that opening gifts in several places was awesome (and not tragic).
Christmas morning came and they ripped through their gifts in 4 minutes flat, leaving the room covered in a sea a paper. They didn’t seem to notice that their Dad wasn’t there. To be honest, as long as they had gifts, I’m not sure they would’ve noticed if I was there.

The rest of the day went off without a hitch. They opened gifts in all 3 places, they loved them all, they were thrilled to see their Dad when he picked them up and showed him all their toys, they were beyond tired when we got home and all seems fine.
Other than my crazy Mom guilt of this being really my 4 year olds first real Christmas memory, I think they are okay.

We survived (I didn’t shed a tear). The not crying is a blog worthy in it’s self, especially since the voice in my head had to talk me off a ledge on Christmas Eve. Oh, and I cry about everything.

Now that is first season is behind us, it is my hope that it will be easier each year. I hope he finds true happiness and that we will all have very Merry Christmas’ from now on.


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This week the kids will be out of school for 2weeks (or forever) depending on how you plan.
This is a random list of suggestions of free fun/inexpensive activities you can do to keep them entertained. Some of them are KC specific, but I’m sure there are comparable places in your city.
Tops on my list is the enchanted forest at Sar-Ko Park in Lenexa, Kansas. It is beautiful. You can walk the trail around the lake to see the trees up close. There is also a playground, so take a couple of flashlights, because will want to play (even in the dark).



Crown Center is a must do for the holiday season. Because it is, there are lots of people! Several free things to do: giant play structures in front, Santa pics, kalidescope, concerts in the food court and more. Visit Crown Center site for schedule of events.

Hit the library. Kansas City has really great libraries and each of them have children/teen activities on a weekly basis. You can get new books or check out DVDs. If your child is bored with your neighborhood library, try the plaza branch. They have weekly story time and crafts for all ages (even baby bounce story time). Full schedule of activities for the Plaza Library

Stay in and make salt dough. There are a ton of recipes online for home made play dough that I have failed at making (also see, I don’t have time for that). The easiest: equal parts flour/salt and half that amount in warm water. Easy, non-toxic and you probably have it in the kitchen already. You can treat it like clay and use cookie cutters to make ornaments. Pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds to dry and you can paint or use markers to color your ornaments.

Union Station is a beautiful place this time of year to take photos and walk around to see the decorations. Also coming for free is Thomas the Train! Click on the pic for details.


I just discovered this fun tiny tot skating class offered by Skate City. It’s $5 for skates and an hour and a half of instruction and skating fun. They even get a snack! The instructor was great and in under an hour my little guy was skating without holding on the me. In Kansas, it’s offered at the Overland Park location at 9:30 Wednesday mornings.

Oak Park Mall has an indoor soft playground and carousel (that got a makeover and is reopening on 12/20/2014). You may spend some time finding a parking space with all the holiday shoppers, but let me tell you a secret- go early in the morning before the mall opens at 10. I have early risers and by 8:30 we are looking for something to do. Panera is open, so grab some coffee and let the kids play before the shopping rush. The only people around are the golden sneaker walkers! Same goes for any fast food play areas. Go for breakfast and connect to wifi while the kids play. You will usually have the place to yourself.

Our visit to Santa is usually at Bass Pro Shop. They have a fun winter wonderland full of free activities: letter wiring to Santa, remote control cars, dart games and trains. You can also see the giant fish tanks and stuffed animals.


Did I miss one of your favorites? Comment below with your ideas!

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I like the idea of giving small(inexpensive) thoughtful gifts for 12 days. It’s a tradition that I do with the kids. They either get a small gift or we do an activity. I love this tradition and will continue it, but as they are growing, it’s important to teach how 1 random act of kindness could change a whole day. In addition to our 12 days of Christmas tradition, we will also do acts of kindness for the 12 days leading to Christmas.
Here’s a short list of things we plan to do:

1. Wrap Christmas gifts at an assisted living community. If you would like to do the same, call the Activity Director to schedule a time. Most are so excited that you are coming, they will supply the paper.

2. Buy and donated new hats, gloves and coats to the school clothing drive.

3. Donate to Harvesters.

4. Bake cookies for the teacher cookie exchange.

5. But walky-talkies to donate to Children’s Mercy Hospital. For the children who are not able to leave their rooms, they are given a walky-talky; which allows them to still play bingo and other games.

6. Write a letter to someone serving our Country.

7. Buy coffee for the person in line behind us. We have done this one several times and it is always fun! Sometimes it even starts a chain of giving.

8. Walk the dogs at the animal shelter.

9. Make bird feeders for the birds that are still around.

10. Make Christmas cards for the neighbors.

11. Shovel (if it snows) or clean off the driveway of our neighbors.

12. Make a build a bear and donate it to a child that has to spend Christmas in the hospital.

What acts of kindness could you do for 12 days?