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Some days just plain suck. There’s no getting around them, no way to prepare for them, they suck. Yesterday was one of those days for me. I am not much of a public complainer, in fact, people who whine and complain drive me insane and I try to avoid them. I won’t go into the details of why my day was bad, just know that it truly was.
So, now what? This is the part that I don’t get about whiners – yes, it’s awful, really awful, no one should have to deal with the crap you do; but you do, so suck it up buttercup!

I asked a friend, “so what if it doesn’t work, what will happen?” The reply I got, “it will be fine, the earth will continue to rotate on its axis and I will go to work on Monday.” What I took from that, is that the world won’t stop for my broken heart (yes, that’s a Reba McIntyre song) , it won’t stop if I get evicted, it won’t stop if my lights get turned off and (eventually) everything will be fine.

It takes just as much energy to complain via Facebook & Twitter (don’t even get me started) as it does to think through and solve your own freaking problem. I mean, seriously, do you think your Facebook “friends” are going to say, “Let me pay your gas bill” or “Let me come fix your broken car” or “You seem exhausted, I’ll watch your children” Um, doubtful. So, what do you do? Suck it up, buttercup.

Your life may just suck right now and it may take some time to work through the issues, but it can be done. Maybe you’ve forgotten how smart you are or how far you’ve come. Let me remind you: YOU and YOU alone are strong, you are more than capable to handle your problems, solve them, pay your bills and live the life you dream of.
Let me also remind you that, pinning dream houses on Pinterest, won’t actually get you the house.

Suck it up Buttercup!

Suck it up Buttercup!

Sure, take a moment to be sad/upset, but don’t live there. Have your moment and (you could guess what I’m about to say)
Suck it up Buttercup!

i Bandz to Remember


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Last year, my son’s Freshman Mentor, team mate and friend tragically passed away.  His name was Andre and he was wonderful.  A 17 year old kid, with a heart of gold, a full ride scholarship to play football and the grades to match.  He was everything you want your kids to grow up to be.  After scoring a touch down, he collapsed on the sideline and suffered a stroke. There aren’t any words that can explain this or how traumatizing it was for the entire community.  He is missed every single day. As kids do these days, they use twitter to express themselves and create their own hashtags.  Andre’s hashtag was MiB – which means “make it big”. He was preparing himself to Make it Big in college.


When I was asked to do review the i Bandz, a personalized wristbands, I immediately thought of Andre and his MiB.  i Bandz are not just the regular printed on silicone band, they have movable letters! Because you create your own, you can create fun bands and have a unique band that no one else will have.  You can get your daughter and friends a fun 1D (one direction) band, raise awareness for your own personal cause or remember someone you love.  My son, now wears his MIB band everyday to remind himself of his friend and to Make it Big for him.

image (21) image (20)

Get social with iBandz:

Facebook: iBandz Personalized Wristbands

Instagram: @ibandzrock

Twitter: @ibandzrock



Ice Chest Challenge


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Schlitterbahn loves for families to come play and save some money!! You can save by bringing your own ice crest to the park! Being able to park for free as well and bring your own food and drinks is perfect for the whole family.

Packing an ice chest with our own food and drink, mean we can spend more times on the slides and rides and less time standing in line for food.  With Schlitterbahn is the ticket price is the end of it – no extra charges through the park! You can bring in an ice chest full of food and drink and parking is free.

There’s a huge variety of rides and plenty of room for you to set up your own picnic. Schitterbahn has issued an Ice Chest Challenge to Moms! The water park is one of the few summer fun places that you can bring a cooler full of your favorite food!

Mix up a regular sandwich with:


Romaine Lettuce




Mayo w/ Olive Oil

You have the perfect cooler friendly sandwich.  The croissant holds up a little better than traditional bread, so it doesn’t get soggy before lunch.

image (18)image (19)


If you happen to be visiting the park in Kansas City, Kansas, you will soon be able to ride the world’s tallest water slide! It will soon open and be the official world record holder for the tallest slide! I’m not sure my kiddos will brave that, but there are plenty of milder rides for them.


Take an ice chest full of your favorite food and drinks and have some summer fun!

July 4th Fun


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The hardest part of July 4th is waiting until dark for the fireworks to start! Keep busy with some fun Patriotic crafts.

Denim Wreath:

image (16)What you need: Styrofoam circle, old jeans, hot glue gun and pinwheels. Cut jeans into small enough strips that you can easily wrap around circle. Try to place the seams of the jeans on the outside. Wrap and secure with glue until circle is covered.  Remove the sticks from the pinwheels and glue for added decoration.


Want a T-shirt that doesn’t look like everyone else’s $5.00 4th of July shirt? Make your own.

image (17) What you need: White tee, blue & red puff paint and a hand. Cover yours or your child’s hand with blue puff paint and press down on the right side of tshirt to represent stars (wash paint immediately to prevent stains). Free hand red stripes, I did enough to get to the bottom of the hand print, so depending on how big or small the hand, you can eye ball it. Add the year or child’s name if you want to keep them year after year.


Need more ideas? Check out my Pinterest board that’s full of ideas: Fourth of July Ideas

Thank you to our Men & Women in the Armed Forces that keep us safe and free.

Brushing on the Go


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My very busy day usually starts at 5:30 am with the usual getting ready, getting my kids ready and trying to get everyone out the door on time. I don’t get back home until after 3 and by then, I’ve had 2 meals and a couple of snacks. These are usually in car or on the go meals. I always keep mints for after meals, but nothing beats being able to brush your teeth. I work really hard to take care of my teeth and now there’s a disposable toothbrush that helps me on the go.

17 Pounds & Counting!

Speedy Brush is an individual wrapped, disposable, pre-pasted toothbrush.  You unwrap, wet, brush and toss! Now, I still get to take care of my smile while on the go!

speedybrush    backbrush


To learn more, visit: Mobile Fresh



*Disclosure: I was given the Mobile Fresh Speedy Brush to try.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.


A Day in My Life


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I have decided to start vlogging (video blog) more.  I really love writing, but sometimes I think it’s great to see a video and her a voice.  Look for more and more videos of some the crazy that my life is and how I try to keep it all together…well, not together, but at least keep the kids in clean clothes! :)

First up: A Day in My Life  Click the link to see what my life looks like on a typical day.  Shout out to all the Stay at Home Moms, who are never at home! You ROCK!

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I realize that what I’m about to say won’t be all that popular with most, but it’s my truth.

I have a hard time feeling bad about being a better Mom than I am a wife.

Why? Children grow fast, really fast and they need me less and less each day.  It’s right in line with why I decided to be a stay at home Mom.  I loved working and I worked full time for the first 4 years of my 1st child’s life.  I quickly realized that I was missing a ton and that soon, he wouldn’t need me to be at home.  Add a husband and 2 more kids to that and staying home just made more financial sense.

I have realized and it’s been pointed out a few times, that I put my children first.  I just don’t see anything wrong with it.  Raising three productive, kind, world changing kids is no easy feat and I think it takes making them my priority.  My oldest is now 14 and hardly needs me, other than to drive him, make him do his homework and feed him.  He basically wants me to stay out of his way!

image (11)

That has just happened over the last couple years, so when I look at my 4 year old, I realize that in the next 10 years he will be the same way and that is not a lot of time to make my mark.  There are not a lot of years that your child will want to be rocked to sleep

image (14)

few years that your daughter will think you’re cool

image (13)


and even fewer years you will hear them say “MOM!” in a way that you know they need you immediately.

Yeah, I know most wives will balk at this idea and tell me that my husband should always come first and I understand that.  I understand that the children will grow and move away.  I understand that I may be alone when it’s all said and done.

Balance? Yes, try.

Have it all? Probably, but not all at the same time.

Regret? Raising 3 wonderful kids – no regret at all.

My children are just that, children and by definition they need care and guidance.  I am their Mother and I should be the one to do that.  It’s fine to disagree with me and point out the many holes in my theory, but remember this:

image (12)

100 Days of Happy


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Have you seen the hashtag #100daysofhappy ?  I started seeing it on social media a few months ago and since I’m hashtag obsessed, I had to search it.  What I found was really cool and totally in line with my current way of viewing the world.

The basics: Find something to be happy about for 100 days in a row!

There is a website that gives you statistics and how it will change your life and why so many people don’t think they have time.  I can’t imagine not finding 1 thing in everyday to be happy about.  This is not a competition or anything, it’s really just for you, but anytime I find something cool, I want to share with you.

I’m starting the challenge this week, so when you see #100daysofhappy on my Instagram, Twitter or Facebook – you will be in the know!

Get more details and join me in my happy – click here: #100DaysofHappy

An easy thing to start with are my cute kiddos – they make me happy everyday!

The Family

The Family

Wishing you happiness!

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My friends and I had a tasting party at Chick Fil A to try their new grilled chicken sandwich and it was delicious.  I am still a very busy on the go Mom and since my healthy lifestyle change, it was difficult to find a quick healthy option.  Now that there is grilled nuggets and sandwich options at Chick Fil A, I feel like if I need a quick-lunch, I don’t have ruin my whole eating plan.

Tasting Party

Tasting Party


The grilled option is also gluten-free for those who have a sensitivity.  All the ladies who tasted it said they would buy it again and recommend to a friend.  Why? Because it wasn’t dried out like grill chicken can get and the bun it’s served on is great too.  Chick Fil A has taken time and tried out several recipes and marinades and I think they have a winner.

CFA infographic_PRINT

A huge thank you to The Kansas Speedway Chick Fil A location for having us and making our lunch so fun (and tasty)!

image (7)    image (8)





*Disclosure: my friends and I were treated to lunch at Chick Fil A, which prompted this blog post. All thought & opinions are mine. No ONE tells me what to say!

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Mother’s Day is just 6 days away and here is my list of what most Moms want! Yes, Mothers will happily accept any hand-made drawn card from their sweet kiddos, any scribble or paper flowers.  We love that stuff and treasure it always!

I am all about useful, needed and wanted gifts.  I love fresh flowers, but since I’m so frugal, I would prefer a hanging plant that will last all season. I like to cut my own fresh flowers, instead of already cut flowers that will die in a week.

I just love this standing/hanging basket from True Value.  It’s great, even if you don’t have a place to hang a hook.  Visit the True Value Facebook page and for more Mother’s Day project ideas!


Have you heard of Secret Sweater ? It’s one of those things, that makes you say, why didn’t I think of that! Every Mom (and woman) in your life will want this! It is the perfect sweater and it’s not like any other.  It’s lightweight, but warm.  It’s thin enough to wear under your jacket if the air condition at work freezes you out, but cute enough to wear alone over a dress


I am obsessed with all things paper and planners and calendars! What’s better than a personalized one!? Tiny Prints has great personalized gifts, including an on the go “mom” weekly planner.  You can add text and a photo and keep yourself and family organized!

image (3)


Natural Perfume from Poppy Drops only has 3 simple ingredients: coconut oil, beeswax, and natural fragrances (so it’s safe for even moms-to-be to wear)!

It retails for $8.99, and comes in 5 flavors: Warm Sugar, Island Honey, Flower Petal, Powder Fresh, and Watermelon Cucumber.


My Mom’s biggest complaint is that she doesn’t get pictures of my kids anymore.  Since most of my life is played out on Instagram & Facebook, I just assume that it’s enough for her to see those photos.  I am wrong! She wants actually physical pictures and I can’t really remember that last time I printed out pictures, so Polaroid to the rescue! We know the Polaroid cameras of the past, but the new ones are digital and instant print too! With a microphone, you can do short videos, which is Awesomeness!!! It’s a 10-megapixel digital camera and prints full color, 2-inch by 3-inch prints.


Massage!!! Every single Mom needs a massage! Every one of them! There are amazing health benefits and as hard Moms work, a relaxing massage session would be the perfect gift.  There are tons of chains to get a massage, but sometimes you want a personal recommendation.  Ask your friends on Facebook or at the gym, they are bound to know someone.  If you are close to me in Lenexa, check out, In Touch Massage. Deana Vanden Hull is a LMT at 9548 Lackman  · Lenexa, KS 66219, 913.484.0039.  Her prices are reasonable too:

Price List

30 Min             60 Min             90 Min

Swedish                       $35.00             $55.00             $  90.00

Deep Tissue                 $45.00             $70.00             $105.00

Sports                             —-               $85.00                 —-

Pregnancy                       —-               $85.00                 —-

Hot Stone                        —-               $85.00             $120.00

10 Min             20 Min

Chair Massage             $15.00             $30.00


Here’s hoping you have a wonderful Mother’s Day, you totally deserve it!