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I recently had a chance to take tour of the Children’s Mercy Sports Medicine Center. Children’s Mercy offers one of the nation’s leading premiere sports medicine programs in the KC metro area, located in Blue Valley. The facility is specifically focused on caring for the student-age athlete, with sports rehabilitation services and a team of dedicated sports physical therapists to offer specialized rehabilitation and injury prevention.  As a Mom of a 3 sport athlete it is a relief to know that this facility exist. It is my hope that he never needs it, but if he does get injured, it will be the first place I take him.


I met Dr. Greg Canty, MD who is the Medical Director for Center for Sports Medicine and what an amazing guy who just gets it.  He understands how the needs of a growing athlete are different from the needs of an adult.  In speaking with him, learning that not all ankles and knees are the same, especially when your child may have an open growth plate.  Children’s Mercy Sports Medicine is a great place to go first.  Get evaluated and see what the injury requires.


The facility has everything needed to rehab an injury.  There are 5 full-time PT’s at the Blue Valley clinic and 1 downtown that are fully dedicated to sports.  Along with the superior staff, the equipment is set up so the therapist can watch the athlete perform.  From shooting a basketball, to pitching, to spiking a volleyball or running, they are able to see your child perform their skills and see what needs to be done to get them back in the game.



The Blue Valley Sports Medicine Clinic has wonderful resources specially designed for the student athlete.  Check them out here: Children’s Mercy Sports Medicine Resources


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